Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sketching with Rubrics

The rubrics help me to visualise what is it that I need and want to draw. Before, I just drew what I had in mind. I did not think about its function and its design properly. With the rubrics, it helps me and I can get a better design with working functions.

E-Learning: Design Opportunity at Home Part 1

Monday, March 7, 2011

Design Appreciation

Good Designs:

This is a good design because it looks interesting and I would buy it as I can hang it up and use it as lamp. Its purpose is clear and it interests me so I would buy it. (Source:

This is a good design because it looks very cute and people would buy it as it works as a thumbdrive and it looks very cute and tempting to eat. People who love sushi would most probably buy this to show off their love for sushi. (Source:

Bad Designs:

This is a bad design as the person cannot hold the handle of the gun before shooting and therefore, he/she cannot get an accurate shot. (Source:

This is a bad design as the person would have difficulty pouring water into the small cup sticking out from the "stem" of the glass.  The person would have problems drinking lots of water from the small little glass at the side. (Source:


Sunday, March 6, 2011


1. Shape borrowing means taking shapes that we can see in our everyday lives and putting them together to create something new or something that no one has ever seen. The shapes can be ordinary shapes or different but we can create something new with these shapes. 
2. We can use SCAMPER to change the appearance of an object by replacing one of its parts with something else that has the same function but a different design. We could also do that by making one of its parts bigger or smaller as long as they have the same function. We could also combine a part of the object and combine it with something that has a different design and same function. Its function can be changed by adapting it to any environment by reversing or rearranging the parts or eliminating unsuitable parts. By adding parts with different functions, we could have another use for the object.